Madagascar hissing cockroach

Gromphadorrhina portentosa

Madagascar hissing cockroaches live in forests on the island of Madagascar.They are herbivores.They live in hollow logs and scavenge amid the leaf litter and rotting wood of the forest floor for food like fallen fruit.

Did you know??

  • 99%的蟑螂物种并不是家庭害虫。


  • Many insects lay eggs,但女性马达加斯加蟑螂创建一个名为一个卵巢的cocoon-like蛋中,鸡蛋(和新生儿仙女)体内。然后熊60生活年轻,called nymphs.
  • Cerci are two appendages (body parts that extend from the main body) that the roach uses to sense objects in its environment.The two cerci are at the end of the abdomen.


  • Hissing cockroaches live in large colonies.
  • They hiss when threatened by a predator,to sound an alarm for other roaches in their colony or during male cockroach fights.Small holes called spiracles on their backs are used for breathing.If they force air out of the spiracle quickly,it makes the hissing sound.This audible use of the respiratory system is more common in vertebrates (as when humans emit a heavy,noisy sigh).大多数昆虫,使噪声通过摩擦身体的某部分或振动膜。
  • 他们晚上最活跃。
  • Males sport large horns,他们用积极的接触角之间的战斗或鹿角哺乳动物。Rivals ram each other with their horns or abdomens and hiss as they fight.Winners hiss more than losers,so the sounds may help determine a roach hierarchy.
  • They're an important link in the food chain,打破森林碎片和更大的动物提供食物。

From birth to death

  • 寿命:18个月
  • Vital statistics
  • Length: 2 to 3.5 inches


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The zoo's hissing cockroaches live in the昆虫动物园.他们喂养的水果。